written by: globaldiv Bill SienKiewicz is a professional and highly experienced illustrator and computer visual artist. He specializes in building designs, CAD professional services and interior design. Bill is based in Vancouver, Canada, and he offers the best service in 3D illustration, which renders 3D drawings from home architecture designs. Some of his services include 3D modeling and illustrating, architectural graphic illustration and building walk through animation. These services can help you replicate the design in a more realistic way by showing it in 3D. Bill’s 3D illustration rendering can also help architects have a better visualization of their designs.

Services Offered
3D Modeling and Illustrating
There has been a significant growth for 3D modeling in architecture and construction in the past few years. Most architects, especially in Canada, prefer this 3D modeling because it offers so many advantages. The 3D modeling project offered by Bill SienKiewicz incorporates material details and estimates, 2D data, documents that help produce required plans, drawings and elevations. With a 3D model of a house or building, you can have different views and perspective of the model. Here are some of the advantages of using Architecture 3D modeling and illustration services:
• Improved visualization of all types of buildings and houses• You can have virtual tours and create architectural walkthroughs

• You can easily find errors that occurred in the early stages of the drawing process

• 3D illustration rendering is a much better tool for marketing and promotion

• You will have more insights about the surface patterns of different areas of the house or building

• You can lower the project cost

• There is optimum use of the construction materials

• You can view the finished model with furniture and customized interior

• It can help provide better coordination between architects and engineers
3D modeling and illustration delivers a better quality output. The 3D illustrator can also apply alternative designs to the 3D model to see its impact on the final model.
Building Design and CAD Drafting
Bill provides CAD professional services and building design. CAD drafting offers 2 or 3 dimensional views of the model or buildings and it will allow you to have a detailed examination of all the fine details in the design. CAD drafting is very important because it can help you eliminate all the errors and deficiencies in the design. Architects around the world prefer CAD drafting because it helps them save a lot of time and energy. It delivers a more accurate output in terms of dimensions, measurements, cost, labor, scales and geographical directions. Changes in the design can also be easily implemented when using CAD drafting.
Architectural Graphic Illustration
Architectural graphic illustration services or architectural rendering offered by Bill SienKiewicz can offer better insights on your future plans for your house or building, or help you in design analysis as well as marketing. You can ask for multiple architectural renderings along with the pros and cons for each. Rendering can also help the design team to further improve or refine the design. Architectural graphic illustration is a great way to see how your design can evolve and how you can fix or troubleshoot the problem areas faster.
Building Walkthrough Animation
Experience a different kind of viewing architectural designs and building models by using a building walkthrough animation service. This will allow you to view and experience what it is like to be walking around the actual hallways and paths of the model building or house. You can view the different areas in the building that the architect has designed as if you are really inside the actual project. This type of presentation can save architects a lot of money, time and energy. It is a very persuasive presentation, which makes the client want the project to push through.
Building Shadow and Lighting Analysis
The building shadow and lighting analysis can help the architect or designer take full advantage of effective solar design features that can increase the energy efficiency of the building and maximize its comfort level. This service can help you analyze the impact of the sun on the construction site and give you a better idea on window placements, daylight access and spatial arrangements.
Real Estate Marketing Plans
Bill can offer services in real estate marketing plans that can provide real effective results and work in your local real estate market. These marketing plans will help you learn to capture leads or make a more effective advertisement.
Why Use Bill?
Bill Sienkiewicz – Vancouver Architecture 3D illustration rendering has been in this type of business for many years and he is very much experienced in this field. Bill offers high quality services at the most competitive price in Vancouver. He is very dedicated to his work and always gives 100% of his talent and creativity in delivering beautiful and accurate architecture rendering and 3D illustrations. Mr. Sienkewicz is the best guy in Vancouver for this type of job.
Awards in 3D Rendering
Bill Sienkiewicz is a recipient of the CGarchitect Architectural awards, which is awarded by the CGarchitect.com for his outstanding work and achievement in the field of computer-generated Architectural rendering.
Joseph from Vancouver – Bill was very attentive to all the specifications that I require for the project. He produced a top quality 3D modeling project that gave me a lot of edge for my presentation to my clients.
Dan from Richmond – I needed a presentation that would really convince my client to push through with the project. Bill gave me the solution by providing his walkthrough animation services. His dedication and creativity is one of the best in this business.
Sarah from North Vancouver – I emailed Bill to help me create a 3D model for my designs. It was great working with him and it was a collaborative project that was very successful. The 3D model he created has helped me have a better insight on my project and lowered its overall cost.
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Send You Preview Rendering for Approval
We always send the preview of your house or building design for your approval. If you approve of the design, then we will proceed with the next step. However, if you don’t approve of the design, we will make the necessary changes according to your specific requirements.
Final Submission
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Make Balance Payments
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